Pharmavoyage Travel first aid kit compact portable medicine box responder bag

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Origin Country: France

Vintage: No

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Pharmavoyage Travel First Aid Kit: Your Compact and Portable Medicine Box

When you're on the go, whether it's for travel or outdoor adventures, having a reliable first aid kit is essential. The Pharmavoyage Travel First Aid Kit is designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of medical supplies in a compact and portable package, ensuring you're prepared for any unexpected situations that may arise.

Compact and Portable: This first aid kit is thoughtfully designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to carry in your travel bag, backpack, or car. Its compact size ensures that you have essential medical supplies at your fingertips without taking up too much space.

Comprehensive Contents: Inside this travel medicine box, you'll find a wide range of medical supplies to address various situations, including:

1 Pair of sterile gloves for hygienic care.
Gauze pads in different sizes (10 x 10cm, 7.6 x 7.6cm, 5 x 5cm) for wound dressing.
1 Sterile ultra-absorbent pad (12.7 x 22.9cm) for heavy bleeding.
1 Elastic gas band (5cm x 4.5m) for support and dressing.
Compresses for insect bites to provide relief.
Chlorhexidine cleaning wipes and alcohol compresses for disinfection.
Adhesive bandages in various sizes to cover wounds.
Adhesive bandages in butterfly and H shapes for special wound types.
Sterile non-adherent dressing (5 x 7.6cm) for wound care.
Adhesive suture bandages (6 mm x 10cm) for closing wounds.
Adhesive tape (1.25cm x 5m) for securing dressings.
A pair of scissors for cutting tape or clothing.
Tick hooks and tweezers for removing ticks or splinters.
An emergency whistle and carabiner for signaling and attachment.
1 Survival blanket for warmth and protection.
Safety pins for various uses.

Stay Prepared Anywhere: The Pharmavoyage Travel First Aid Kit is your trusted companion whether you're traveling, hiking, camping, or simply on the move. It's packed with essential medical supplies to help you respond effectively to injuries or medical needs.

New (Branded)

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  • BRAND : Pharmavoyage
  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : First Aid Kit
  • COLOR : Red
  • WIDTH : 7 cm / 2.75 in
  • HEIGHT : 16 cm / 6.29 in
  • LENGTH : 12 cm / 4.72 in

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