Original Yugoslavian mess kit. Army military mess kit canteen cutlery

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Brand: Military Surplus

Condition: Used

Origin Country: Serbia

Vintage: Yes

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The Original Vintage Yugoslavian Military Surplus Mess Kit is a comprehensive set that encompasses various essential components for dining in the field. This kit is a historical relic from the Yugoslavian military, reflecting the practicality and durability required by soldiers during their service. The set includes a range of items, all of which are neatly organized within a pouch. These items consist of a pot for cooking, a bowl for eating, a canteen for water storage, a cup for drinking, and a trio of utensils: a spoon, fork, and knife.

Each element is meticulously crafted with functionality in mind, designed to withstand the rigors of military life. This mess kit encapsulates a piece of history while serving as a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Yugoslavian military personnel. Whether for collectors, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone intrigued by military artifacts, this mess kit provides a tangible connection to the past and a glimpse into the practical aspects of military life.

Used (B Grade)

This condition goes to military surplus items that commonly have visible signs of wearing by military troops or personnel in active combat actions or in casual daily work. Such condition items even if they are used before, still have main features working, like waterproof, windproof, insect repellent, and so on.

Grade B items are mostly picked by vintage military surplus collectors as they claim that wearing marks gives a spirit to such items, also you may choose this condition if you are on a budget, but want military quality items.

Expected condition issues:

  • Prepacked by us.
  • Warehouse odor.
  • Name markings on size label.
  • Removed size and/or garment care labels.
  • Color shades may vary (due to different manufacturing years).
  • Faded color.
  • Mud/dust marks.

Rare condition issues:

  • Small professionally stitched repairs (up to 1cm)
  • Small dents on metal parts.
  • Oxydation on metal parts
  • Loose rubber parts
  • Replaced parts (buttons, strings)
  • Different size than size tag.


„Expected issues“ - might appear on 1 of 10 items.

„Rare issues” - might appear on 1 of 50 items.

Written condition issues don‘t mean that items must have them


Most photos of our products are made by us, so images also should be guided to determine item conditions more accurately.

Also, we advise checking the last listing images as mostly they show the most damaged items in stock and what you may expect in the worst.

  • BRAND : Military Surplus
  • VINTAGE : Yes
  • TYPE : Mess kit
  • STYLE : Military
  • COLOR : Olive
  • MATERIAL : Aluminum, Plastic
  • WIDTH : 8.25cm / 3.25in
  • HEIGHT : 19cm / 7.5in
  • LENGTH : 12.7cm / 5in
  • SET INCLUDES : Pouch, Pot, Bowl, Canteen, Cup, Spoon, Fork, Knife

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