Original French Forces helm camouflage cover headwear masking olive brown NEW

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Brand: Military Surplus

Condition: New (Surplus)

Origin Country: France

Vintage: No

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Original French Military helmet camouflage cover – the ideal choice for enhancing your camouflage and blending seamlessly into your surroundings.

Genuine Military Issue: This helmet cover is an authentic, military-standard item, guaranteeing its quality and durability.

Reversible Design: Featuring a dual-sided design, this military helmet camouflage cover allows you to switch between olive green and brown camouflage patterns with ease. This adaptability makes it perfect for various environments and terrains.

Secure Metal Clips: The reinforced cover is equipped with metal clips that ensure a snug fit on your helmet, keeping it securely in place during your missions or outdoor activities.

Adjustable Cord: With an adjustable cord, you can fine-tune the fit to your liking. This feature provides comfort and flexibility, so you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about your gear.

The Original French Forces Camouflage Helmet Cover is a versatile and reliable piece of gear that offers optimal concealment and adaptability. Whether you're in the field or participating in outdoor activities like hunting or airsoft, this cover enhances your stealth and helps you blend into your surroundings effortlessly. Add this authentic military item to your collection of tactical gear and experience its superior quality and functionality.

New (Surplus)

In our condition standards, New (Surplus) stands for items that are originally issued to military personnel but weren’t used before.

In most cases, the military issues spare items for everything they can, in case soldiers must have to change their lost or damaged pieces of equipment or clothing. After 2-4 years (depending on the country) after issuing equipment to personnel, the military changes them to new ones to renew main and spare personnel equipment, even if spare ones weren’t used at all, so that is how unused military quality items comes to our warehouse.

Expected condition issues:

  • Warehouse odor (long storage).
  • Dust marks (long storage).
  • Items will come with our packaging.


  • „Expected issues“ - might appear on 1 of 10 items.
  • „Rare issues” - might appear on 1 of 50 items.
  • Written condition issues don‘t mean that items must have them.


Most photos of our products are made by us, so images also should be guided to determine item conditions more accurately.

Also, we advise checking the last listing images as mostly they show the most damaged items in stock and what you may expect in the worst.

  • BRAND : Military Surplus
  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : Helmet cover
  • STYLE : Helmet cover
  • COLOR : Olive
  • PATTERN : Solid
  • SEASON : All seasons

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