Original Austrian army Y-Strap braces genuine leather vintage military surplus

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Brand: Military Surplus

Condition: Used

Origin Country: Austria

Vintage: Yes

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The original Austrian Army Y-Strap is a vintage accessory made of leather, featuring metal clips and a classic black color. These Y-Straps were designed to provide support and stability for soldiers in the Austrian Army.

Crafted from leather, these Y-Straps exude a sense of durability and quality. The leather material not only adds to their rugged aesthetic but also ensures long-lasting performance. Over time, the leather develops a unique patina, enhancing their vintage appeal.

The metal clips on the Y-Straps serve as secure attachment points for carrying equipment. They are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide reliable functionality in various military situations. The black color adds a touch of sophistication, making them suitable for both practical use and as a fashionable accessory.

Overall, the original Austrian Army Y-Strap in vintage leather, with metal clips and a black color, is a distinctive piece that embodies military heritage while offering functionality and style.

Used (B Grade)

This condition goes to military surplus items that commonly have visible signs of wearing by military troops or personnel in active combat actions or in casual daily work. Such condition items even if they are used before, still have main features working, like waterproof, windproof, insect repellent, and so on.

Grade B items are mostly picked by vintage military surplus collectors as they claim that wearing marks gives a spirit to such items, also you may choose this condition if you are on a budget, but want military quality items.

Expected condition issues:

  • Prepacked by us.
  • Warehouse odor.
  • Name markings on size label.
  • Removed size and/or garment care labels.
  • Color shades may vary (due to different manufacturing years).
  • Faded color.
  • Mud/dust marks.

Rare condition issues:

  • Small professionally stitched repairs (up to 1cm)
  • Small dents on metal parts.
  • Oxydation on metal parts
  • Loose rubber parts
  • Replaced parts (buttons, strings)
  • Different size than size tag.


„Expected issues“ - might appear on 1 of 10 items.

„Rare issues” - might appear on 1 of 50 items.

Written condition issues don‘t mean that items must have them


Most photos of our products are made by us, so images also should be guided to determine item conditions more accurately.

Also, we advise checking the last listing images as mostly they show the most damaged items in stock and what you may expect in the worst.

  • BRAND : Military Surplus
  • VINTAGE : Yes
  • TYPE : Suspender
  • STYLE : Y-Strap
  • COLOR : Black
  • MATERIAL : Leather
  • BUCKLE MATERIAL : Aluminum

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