Mil-Tec Brand U.S. Military bermuda style prewashed khaki BDU ripstop shorts

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Brand: MIL-TEC

Condition: New (Branded)

Origin Country: Germany

Vintage: No

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Mil-Tec U.S. Military Bermuda Style Prewashed Khaki BDU Ripstop Shorts - a fusion of military-inspired design and contemporary comfort brought to you by the renowned Mil-Tec brand.

Military-Inspired Design: These Bermuda-style shorts draw inspiration from U.S. Military BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) aesthetics, offering a stylish and rugged look. The military influence is evident in the thoughtful design and functionality.

Prewashed Khaki Ripstop Fabric: The shorts are crafted from prewashed khaki ripstop fabric, combining comfort with durability. Ripstop fabric is known for its resistance to tearing, making these shorts reliable for various outdoor activities.

Pocket Closures: The inclusion of pocket closures adds a practical element to the shorts. Securely store your essentials, and enjoy the convenience of knowing your items are safely tucked away during your adventures.

Lightweight Construction: Designed for comfort in warm weather, these shorts are lightweight, allowing for easy movement and breathability. Whether you're hiking, exploring, or simply enjoying the outdoors, stay comfortable with these lightweight shorts.

Belt Loops: The addition of belt loops offers the option to accessorize with your favorite belt, providing both functionality and the opportunity to personalize your look. Enjoy a secure fit and added style with the convenience of belt loops.

Cargo Shorts: Embrace the utility of cargo shorts with ample storage space for your belongings. The cargo style adds a touch of versatility, making these shorts suitable for various casual and outdoor settings.

New (Branded)

In our condition standards, New (Branded) stands for all items in our store that are new, unused, and made by a modern manufacturer, also come in original packages with labels.

Most of our branded items are made by time-tested military gear manufacturing companies like GoreTex, HAIX, MIL-TEC, MFH, Thinsulate, and more, also we cooperate with the most famous and best quality tactical and camping equipment manufacturers like Optimus, Katadyn, Boker, FoxKnives, Seva, Steiner, and others.



Warranty applies only if the manufacturer offers it.

We do not apply any by ourselves.

  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : Shorts
  • STYLE : Cargo
  • COLOR : Khaki
  • PATTERN : Solid
  • MATERIAL : Cotton
  • CLOSURE : Buttons
  • POCKET TYPE : Cargo, Slash
  • FRONT TYPE : Flat Front
  • LEG STYLE : Straight
  • SEASON : Fall, Spring, Summer

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