MFH Brand U.S. Military style shirts M95 CZ camo combat tactical field BDU NEW

MFHSKU: 02530_S

Brand: MFH

Condition: New (Branded)

Origin Country: Germany

Vintage: No

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Behold the M95 field shirt, the ultimate gear essential for your outdoor missions.

  • Crafted with tactical excellence, this MFH M95 field shirt stands as your perfect companion for every adventurous journey you undertake. Engineered meticulously with lightweight, breathable fabrics. It not only ensures optimal performance but also keeps you cool and comfortable, even amidst the scorching heat.
  • Moreover, featuring the M95 camouflage pattern, strategically designed to seamlessly integrate you into any environment you traverse. This M95 field shirt guarantees stealth and effectiveness. The rugged ripstop material ensures durability, steadfastly enduring the toughest challenges you may encounter along the way. Reinforced stitching and ample storage pockets. That is making it purposefully designed to withstand rigorous activities while offering convenient storage for your essential gear.
  • Therefore, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast seeking adventure or a military professional demanding peak performance. The M95 field shirt is trusted by those who seek nothing but the best. However, its utility doesn't stop there. Beyond its practical features, this shirt embodies a spirit of adventure and exploration. It serves as a symbol of resilience, empowering you to push your limits and conquer new horizons with every step you take.

Do not allow discomfort or lack of stealth to hinder your mission success. Elevate your outdoor experience with the unparalleled versatility and functionality of the M95 field shirt. Secure yours now and embark on your next expedition with unparalleled confidence and unmatched style. Experience firsthand the transformative difference that quality gear can make in your outdoor adventures.

New (Branded)

In our condition standards, New (Branded) stands for all items in our store that are new, unused, and made by a modern manufacturer, also come in original packages with labels.

Most of our branded items are made by time-tested military gear manufacturing companies like GoreTex, HAIX, MIL-TEC, MFH, Thinsulate, and more, also we cooperate with the most famous and best quality tactical and camping equipment manufacturers like Optimus, Katadyn, Boker, FoxKnives, Seva, Steiner, and others.



Warranty applies only if the manufacturer offers it.

We do not apply any by ourselves.

  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : Shirts
  • STYLE : Tactical
  • NECKLINE : High Neck
  • COLOR : Multicolor
  • PATTERN : Camouflage
  • MATERIAL : Elastane/Cotton Blend
  • OUTER SHELL MATERIAL : Cotton blend
  • CLOSURE : Zipper
  • SEASON : Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

Label sizeABCD
 Pit to pitShouldersSleeveLength

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