ExtremaRatio BD2 R pocket knife spear point blade BOHLER N690 stainless steel

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Brand: ExtremaRatio

Condition: New (Branded)

Origin Country: Italy

Vintage: No

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The ExtremaRatio BD2 R pocket knife is a compact and versatile folding knife designed for everyday carry and various outdoor tasks. It is known for its high-quality construction and reliable performance. Here are some key features of the knife:

  1. Blade Material: The blade of the ExtremaRatio BD2 R is made of BOHLER N690 stainless steel. N690 is a premium stainless steel known for its excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and toughness. It ensures that the blade can withstand heavy use and maintain its sharpness over time.

  2. Blade Shape: The knife features a spear point blade shape. Spear point blades have a symmetric tip that is strong and sharp, making them suitable for piercing, slicing, and general utility tasks.

  3. Locking Mechanism: The BD2 R utilizes a liner lock mechanism, which provides secure blade lockup during use. This mechanism ensures that the blade remains in place and minimizes the risk of accidental closures while working.

  4. Handle Material: The handle of the knife is made from anticorodal anodized aluminum. Anticorodal aluminum is a lightweight and durable material that offers excellent corrosion resistance and strength. The anodized finish enhances the handle's resistance to wear and tear while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  5. Ergonomics: The knife is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The handle features textured scales and a contoured shape that allows for precise control and reduces hand fatigue during extended use.

  6. Pocket Clip: The BD2 R includes a pocket clip, allowing for convenient and discreet carry. The clip can be attached to the pocket, belt, or gear, ensuring easy access to the knife whenever needed.

Overall, the ExtremaRatio BD2 R pocket knife is a well-crafted and reliable tool that combines a sturdy blade, durable handle, and practical features. It is a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and everyday carry enthusiasts who value performance and versatility in a compact folding knife.

New (Branded)

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  • BRAND : ExtremaRatio
  • MODEL : BD2 R
  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : Pocket Knife
  • KNIFE TYPE : Pocket Knife
  • BLADE TYPE : Spear Point
  • STYLE : Folding
  • COLOR : Black
  • HANDLE MATERIAL : Anticorodal anodized aluminum
  • BLADE LENGTH : 95mm
  • KNIFE WEIGHT : 105g
  • LOCK TYPE : Liner
  • DEXTERITY : Ambidextrous
  • CLIP : Yes
  • SHEATH : No

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