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Brand: ESBIT

Condition: Used

Origin Country: Germany

Vintage: Yes

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ESBIT is a well-known brand in the world of outdoor cooking and camping equipment. They are particularly renowned for their compact and efficient cooking stoves, and one of their iconic products is the ESBIT Aluminum Folding Vintage Cooking Stove.

This vintage cooking stove was historically used by the German Army during various military operations. It gained popularity for its reliability, portability, and ease of use, making it a trusted tool for soldiers in the field. The stove is designed to be compact and foldable, allowing for easy storage and transportation, making it ideal for backpackers, hikers, and adventurers.

The stove is constructed from lightweight aluminum, ensuring durability without adding unnecessary weight to the gear. The use of aluminum also allows for efficient heat distribution and minimal fuel consumption. The vintage design adds a nostalgic touch, making it a popular choice for collectors and enthusiasts of military memorabilia.

ESBIT's Aluminum Folding Vintage Cooking Stove remains a timeless classic that has stood the test of time, proving its reliability and functionality throughout the years. Even though it was initially associated with the German Army, it has since become a beloved item among camping and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, offering a practical and nostalgic cooking solution for their adventures.

Used (B Grade)

This condition goes to military surplus items that commonly have visible signs of wearing by military troops or personnel in active combat actions or in casual daily work. Such condition items even if they are used before, still have main features working, like waterproof, windproof, insect repellent, and so on.

Grade B items are mostly picked by vintage military surplus collectors as they claim that wearing marks gives a spirit to such items, also you may choose this condition if you are on a budget, but want military quality items.

Expected condition issues

  • Prepacked by us.
  • Warehouse odor.
  • Name markings on size label.
  • Removed size and/or garment care labels.
  • Color shades may vary (due to different manufacturing years).
  • Faded color.
  • Mud/dust marks.

Rare condition issues:

  • Small professionally stitched repairs (up to 1cm)
  • Small dents on metal parts.
  • Oxydation on metal parts
  • Loose rubber parts
  • Replaced parts (buttons, strings)
  • Different size than size tag.


„Expected issues“ - might appear on 1 of 10 items.

„Rare issues” - might appear on 1 of 50 items.

Written condition issues don‘t mean that items must have them


Most photos of our products are made by us, so images also should be guided to determine item conditions more accurately.

Also, we advise checking the last listing images as mostly they show the most damaged items in stock and what you may expect in the worst.

  • VINTAGE : Yes
  • TYPE : Stove
  • COLOR : Gray
  • MATERIAL : Aluminum
  • SET INCLUDES : Stove
  • FUEL TYPE : Dry Fuel

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