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Brand: Trek 'n Eat

Condition: New (Branded)

Origin Country: Germany

Vintage: No

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Trek'n Eat is a well-regarded brand in the outdoor food industry, specializing in providing convenient and high-quality meals for trekkers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. One of their popular offerings is the MRE trekking crackers, a delicious and energy-packed trekking snack.

MRE stands for "Meals Ready to Eat," and these MRE trekking crackers are a part of their range of ready-to-eat snacks designed to fuel adventurers during their journeys. The crackers are carefully crafted to provide a satisfying blend of taste and nutrition, making them a perfect on-the-go option for sustaining energy levels during outdoor activities.

The MRE Crackers are known for their long shelf life and durability, making them a reliable and lightweight addition to any backpack. Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain or enjoying a peaceful camping trip, these trekking snacks are a tasty and convenient way to keep your energy up throughout the day.

Trek'n Eat's commitment to quality and taste has earned them a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts, and their MRE Crackers are just one example of the brand's dedication to providing nourishing and delicious options for adventurers on the move.

New (Branded)

In our condition standards, New (Branded) stands for all items in our store that are new, unused, and made by a modern manufacturer, also come in original packages with labels.

Most of our branded items are made by time-tested military gear manufacturing companies like GoreTex, HAIX, MIL-TEC, MFH, Thinsulate, and more, also we cooperate with the most famous and best quality tactical and camping equipment manufacturers like Optimus, Katadyn, Boker, FoxKnives, Seva, Steiner, and others.



Warranty applies only if the manufacturer offers it.

We do not apply any by ourselves.

  • BRAND : Trek 'n Eat
  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : MRE
  • ENERGY PER 100G : 433 kcal
  • EXPIRATION DATE : 2024-08

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