Complete Outdoor Mess Kit Set by Wildo: BPA-Free Essentials for On-the-Go Dining

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Brand: Wildo

Condition: New (Branded)

Origin Country: Sweden

Vintage: No

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The Wildo brand presents a practical and versatile Complete Outdoor Mess Kit Set, designed to cater to outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Crafted from BPA-free plastic in an olive color, this set ensures both safety and durability.

Complete Outdoor Mess Kit Set Comprising a Large bowl, Small bowl, Folding cup, Spork, and a convenient Carry bag, this mess kit set offers all the essential dining components in one package. The Large bowl provides ample space for meals, while the Small bowl serves for various purposes, from snacks to food prep. The Folding cup adds a space-efficient drinking solution, making hydration on-the-go effortless.

The included Spork combines the functions of a spoon and a fork, reducing the need for extra utensils. The mess kit components are easily storable within the provided Carry bag, which keeps everything organized and accessible.

Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply enjoying outdoor activities, the Wildo mess kit set equips you with a complete dining solution. Its thoughtful design, BPA-free composition, and convenient storage make it a reliable companion for your adventures, ensuring you're well-equipped for meals wherever your journey takes you.

New (Branded)

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  • BRAND : Wildo
  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : Mess kit
  • COLOR : Olive
  • MATERIAL : Polypropylene
  • HEIGHT : 6cm / 2.4in
  • DIAMETER : 15.5cm / 6.1in
  • SET INCLUDES : Large bowl, Small bowl, Folding cup, Spork, Carry bag

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