Brand Mil-Tec Beanie Knit Cap Watch cap THINSULATE™ Black winter hat One Size


Brand: MIL-TEC

Condition: New (Branded)

Origin Country: Germany

Vintage: No

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3M Thinsulate winter beanie knitted watch cap black is more than just a winter hat; it's your reliable companion for staying warm, comfortable, and stylish during the coldest months. With its thoughtful design and high-quality materials, this cap ensures that you can embrace winter's chill while keeping your head cozy and protected.

3M Thinsulate™ Insulation for Optimal Warmth:
The highlight of this knit cap is its 3M Thinsulate™ insulation, known for its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. It keeps your head comfortably warm, even in the harshest winter conditions, while allowing your skin to breathe. Say goodbye to the discomfort of overheating; this cap strikes the perfect balance between insulation and breathability.

Soft and Elastic for a Perfect Fit:
Crafted from 100% Polycrylic, this knit cap is soft and elastic, providing a snug and comfortable fit without over-tightening. It adapts to the shape of your head, ensuring that you stay warm and cozy throughout the day.

Lightweight and Foldable for Convenience:
This Thinsulate winter beanie is lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It can be conveniently stowed in your pocket or bag when not in use, ensuring you're always prepared for the cold.


New (Branded)

In our condition standards, New (Branded) stands for all items in our store that are new, unused, and made by a modern manufacturer, also come in original packages with labels.

Most of our branded items are made by time-tested military gear manufacturing companies like GoreTex, HAIX, MIL-TEC, MFH, Thinsulate, and more, also we cooperate with the most famous and best quality tactical and camping equipment manufacturers like Optimus, Katadyn, Boker, FoxKnives, Seva, Steiner, and others.



Warranty applies only if the manufacturer offers it.

We do not apply any by ourselves.

  • VINTAGE : No
  • TYPE : Hat
  • STYLE : Beanie
  • COLOR : Black
  • PATTERN : Solid
  • MATERIAL : Polycrylic
  • FABRIC TYPE : Knit
  • SEASON : Winter

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